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Meet four creative spa owners who’ve lowered their carbon—and budget—costs with locally sourced treatment ingredients.

Foodies have been reaping the flavors, savings and green bona fides of the farm-to-table movement for years. Now, savvy spas are getting in on the action by using local and even homegrown ingredients in their menus’ treatment protocols. DAYSPA checked in with locavore-friendly spas across the country to discover how these facilities have managed to create, source and market their indigenous service menu items—and how their clients have responded to their pioneering efforts!

International Orange in San Francisco

On the menu: Organic Fusion Massage (60 min./$135), using Swedish strokes, shiatsu and Thai yoga stretches, with locally sourced Jasmine and Green Tea oil; and Organic Detox Facelift (75 min./$175), with lymphatic
stimulation massage, utilizing customized herbal cleansing and enzymatic exfoliation

Recipes call for: Bergamot peel, calendula blossom, lavender, tuberose, geranium, nettle, jasmine, echinacea, vetiver, white lotus, sea salt, shea butter, jojoba oil, raw honey and more.

How they’re served: Most International Orange (IO) service and retail potions (including body wash, body oil, bath soaks, deodorant, hair wash and more) are hand-blended by a formulator partner who works
nearby, in California’s verdant Marin County. Only certified organic, wild-crafted and biodynamically grown plants—grown in Marin, Napa or Sonoma—are sourced, and all oils and butters are fair-trade. Spa
management has also partnered with fellow San Franciscan Julie Elliott, owner and founder of In Fiore (infiore. net), an organic body balm and perfumery outfit, to offer luxurious body treatments. Elliott’s balms are
crafted from small batches of grape seed and jojoba oils with herbal essences.

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