DaySpa Magazine – Green Giant

Green Spa Network founder Michael Stusser weighs in on the industry’s green strides—and how spa owners can cater to the client of tomorrow.

In 1985, longtime eco-maverick Michael Stusser founded Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary (, a Japanese-style retreat in scenic Sonoma County, California. Osmosis was designed as a haven where guests could reconnect to the natural world through organic therapies, inhale spa air that was free of toxins and reflect in outdoor meditation gardens. The staff devised several innovative ways to conserve energy (heat from the attic and cool air from under the building moderate temperature) and compost waste (a worm bin generates organic fare for earthworms out of paper and food garbage), continually nurturing Stusser’s vision of an ever-more sustainable operation.
In 2005, Stusser and a handful of like-minded spa professionals created the Green Spa Network (GSN,, a nonprofit trade organization that has quickly built a community of spa owners and spa resource partners committed to a greener tomorrow. Now in its sixth year, with more than 100 member spas, the GSN actively challenges spa owners to deepen their commitment to low-impact business practices, community activism and peer collaboration.
In celebration of our 15th anniversary, DAYSPA called on this leader of the green spa movement to
discuss the top eco-trends of today and what the future portends for sustainability practices of tomorrow.

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